Practice Intelligence Pro

Collate, analyse and interpret vital practice KPI data 24/7 for faster, smarter, data-driven decision-making that will accelerate growth and success.

What is Practice Intelligence Pro?

Practice Intelligence Pro™ is a SAAS tool designed and developed by Collaborate in 2022 to collate and analyse practice performance data to facilitate smarter, faster decision-making. 

How does it work? At the heart of Practice Intelligence Pro is the identification, sourcing, collation and interpretation of essential Practice KPIs all within a single easy to use web-based dashboard. 


Collating, monitoring and analysing key performance data with expert, specialist help when required providing practice owners with insights needed to operate more efficiently, make better decisions essential for sustainable growth and long-term success.

Data-Driven insights for better decision-making

Access to accurate and timely performance data enables practice owners to make informed decisions rather than relying on intuition. For instance, sales data can reveal trends that help in planning inventory and marketing strategies.

Identify opportunities and threats

Monitoring performance data helps in identifying emerging opportunities in the market and potential threats from competitors or changes in patient behaviour. 

Better resource allocation

Performance data highlights areas where resources are being underutilised or overextended, allowing practice to allocate resources more efficiently.  

Improving process for better performance

By tracking operational metrics, practices can identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies in their processes and take steps to improve them, thus enhancing overall productivity. 

Cash flow management

Regular monitoring of financial metrics such as cash flow, profit margins, and expenses ensures that practices maintain financial health and can plan for future growth. 

Accurate budgeting and forecasting

Performance data aids in accurate budgeting and forecasting, helping businesses set realistic financial goals and track progress against them. 

Better understanding patient needs

Patient feedback and sales data help practices understand patient preferences and behaviours, enabling us to tailor their treatment and care accordingly. 

Improving treatment and care

Monitoring key treatment and care metrics such as appointment waiting times, recalls responses, fail to attends, waiting times, appointment times and satisfaction scores can lead to improved patient experiences and retention. 

Benchmarking to be more competitive

By comparing performance data against industry benchmarks, practices can gauge their competitive position and identify areas for improvement. 

Facilitate innovation

Continuous monitoring of market trends and performance metrics can inspire innovation in treatment, care or even business models, helping practices stay ahead of the competition and, therefore, attract more patients. 

Setting goals and tracking progress

Performance data helps in setting realistic goals and tracking progress towards achieving them, including both short-term targets and long-term strategic objectives. 

Risk management

Similar to regular check-ups, regular analysis of performance data can identify potential risks early, allowing practices to develop strategies to mitigate them sooner 

Regulatory compliance

Monitoring key performance data can also contribute to CQC and BDA compliance, thus avoiding legal penalties and fostering a culture of transparency and accountability. 

Key features

KPIs empower practices with data-driven insights, enabling informed decisions, performance measurement, and strategic alignment for sustained growth and success, including achieving targets and outperforming industry benchmarks.

Online KPI Dashboard

Secure, easy to use and interpret visualisation of your key practice performance data available to approved users only 24/7.  

Expert Analysis

In-depth analysis with recommendations for faster, smarter decision-making when required. 

Financial Forecasts

Predicts future financial performance including revenues, expenses, and profits.  

Compliance Platform

Comprising templated policies, procedures, schedules of requirements and performance tracking tools with GAP analysis report 

Treatment Profitability Tool

Visibility of financial performance and viability of specific l treatments comparing revenues  and associated costs 

Monthly Management Accounts

Visibility of current performance in all key operating areas  

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Three plans to suit your business

There are three PRACTICE INTELLIGENCE PRO plans to choose from engineered to suit the specific practice requirements, circumstances, and resources of a wide range of practices whether you are a small two surgery practice, a large practice with 6 + surgeries or a multi-practice business.

All our plans are designed to give you full visbilty of practice performance with essential KPI’s facilitating faster, smarter decision main to accelerate success.

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