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With knowledge, advice, tools and support from Collaborate’s Practice Support Programs piloted by experienced dental business specialists.

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From dental industry specialists with unrivalled experience growing high-performance practices

Success accelerating support programs

Providing bespoke support wherever you are in your practice ownership journey from setting up a squat to preparing to exit

Performance-boosting modules

That focus on optimising crucial business functions vital to optimising productivity, profitability and EBITDA

Key-task SAAS tools & cutting edge tech

Proprietary and specially adapted tools, systems and protocols that deliver specific practice management tasks required for faster, smarter decision-making

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Practice Support Program

Whatever your vision, ambitions and goals, Collaborate’s Practice Support Programs and Tactical Business Modules will help you achieve success faster.

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With Collaborate’s Derek Turner. Derek will identify essential practice KPI’s – how to collate, monitor and analyse them for faster, smarter data-driven decision-making. The webinar will include a short demo of Collaborate’s powerful KPI Dashboard.

19:30 to 20:30 Thursday July 11 via Zoom

Faster, smarter decision making to accelerate success

Practice Intelligence Pro

Collaborate’s SAAS tool that collates and interprets vital practice KPI data 24/7 for faster, smarter, data-driven decision making to accelerate growth.

The key facts

  • Designed by dentists and dental industry specialists for dentists
  • All the features, functionality and data required by modern, ambitious practices
  • More detailed reporting than other popular systems. Including SOE’s My Practice Cloud
  • Interpretation, reporting, advice and support from senior-level dental industry specialists, adjustable to your needs.

about us

Rewarding practice ownership

Founded by Dr. Alon Preiskel, a Consultant Prosthodontist with an MBA, and joined by Derek Turner, former CEO of several prominent multi-practice dental groups Collaborate dental comprises a team of executive-level dental industry experts, project managers and specialist providers who empower practice owners with knowledge, advice, tools and solutions that enable faster, smarter decision-making that accelerates growth, success and wealth.

We are passionate about enabling success through knowledge, innovation, honesty, integrity, professionalism, and collaboration and we will never cease to strive for the best possible long-term outcome for our clients. 

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