Setting up a squat

Set up your ideal squat, and achieve growth and success faster

With Collaborate’s ground-breaking ‘Setting Up a Squat Program’

Setting up a squat

Program overview

Designed specifically for associates considering setting up their first squat or practice owners planning their second or even third squat.  

Collaborate’s ground-breaking Setting Up A Squat Program comprises the knowledge, advice, tools, solutions and support you’ll need to achieve better results faster and establish the foundations for long-term growth and success. 

‘’If you are an associate with a vision or an ambitious practice owner setting up your second, third or more squat, avoid unforeseen pitfalls, costly mistakes, and missed opportunities and get expert help; it will save you time, money and effort and achieve a better outcome’’

Dr Ellie Ledger

Principal Dentist/Practice Owner

Arnica Dental Care

Program benefits


Know what you want to achieve and how

We’ll help you define or redefine your vision, ambitions, and goals so we can set objectives and what we need to do to achieve them. 


Risk mitigation

Protect assets, ensure financial stability, and sustain long-term growth and success.


Save time, money and effort

Getting it right achieves success faster and saves time, cost, and effort.


Facilitate clinical excellence

Provide high-quality dental treatment and care, ensure patient oral health and well-being, satisfaction, trust, and loyalty.


Avoid unforeseen pitfalls

Safeguard resources, minimise the negative impact on your business and ensure sustained growth and success.


Be growth and sucess-ready

Getting everthing right at the outset will facilitate growth and success

Download the factsheet

Setting up a squat

Download our Setting Up a Squat factsheet (a print-ready version of this page) for further reference.

Program deliverables

Your setting up a squat program comes with a sequence of solutions that address the key challenges and requirements of setting up a squat. 

1. Define vision, ambition & goals

Guides strategy, motivates teams, fosters growth, and ensures long-term success.

2. Practice criteria & specification development

Process that defines what your ideal practice will look like.

3. Setting up a squat roadmap

Strategy and plan of action to acquire and develop a property that will create your ideal practice

4. Site specification development

Site criteria to identify suitable properties

5. Financial Forecasting and budgeting

Mitigates risks, ensures financial stability, guides decisions, and facilitates strategic planning

6. Site search advice & guidance

Advice and guidance in locating suitable properties.

7. Practice design & planning

Turning your practice criteria/specification into reality.

8. Planning application advice & guidance

Navigate the planning minefield with top tips from the experts.

9. Access to preferred suppliers and discounts

Save up to 30% using our preferred ‘tried and tested’ suppliers.

10. Regulatory compliance & dummy CQC inspection

Avoids penalties, ensures patient safety, maintains trust and legal adherence.

11. Staff planning

We’ll help you design a team that shares your vision and facilitates clinical excellence, productivity, performance, growth, and success. 

12. Marketing strategy and plan of action

Guides efforts, attracts customers, ensures brand consistency, and fosters growth.

13. Setting up a squat project management

Manage all setting up a squat resources and tasks cost/time effectively for the best outcome.

Program tools

As well as expert advice and support, we’ve developed a suite of proprietary, bespoke, and specially adapted dental practice systems, procedures, protocols and SAAS tools that are easily adapted, implemented, and managed to boost the performance of all practice types

Financial Forecasting

Mitigates risks, ensures financial stability, guides decisions, and facilitates strategic planning. 

Based on a review of the previous 3 years’ P&L, income streams and productivity, and MAP (Member Action Plan) targets, we’ll identify potential revenue and cost control/reduction.      

Online compliance platform

Simplifies compliance, reduces risks, ensures accuracy, and promotes efficiency. 

Our cloud based CQC compliance tool provides templated policies, procedures, schedules of requirements, performance tracking tools, dummy CQC inspections and GAP analysis reports.

Project management

Enhances collaboration, streamlines tasks, improves efficiency and ensures project success. 

Our feature-rich, easy-to-use project management framework lists key ‘transformation’ activities, tasks, actions, timeframes and targets, and monitors progress.

Tactical modules

Integrated into your Purchasing a Practice Program are additional stand-alone ‘Tactical Modules’ that optimise crucial business functions essential to growth and success:

Expert Support

Your Setting Up A Squat Team

Join the Setting up a Squat Program and expand your management team with our program director, program pilot, and administrators with support from our preferred specialist partners when required.

Program Director

  • Research, strategy, and planning 
  • Knowledge-share, advice, and support
  • Program direction  
  • Monthly performance review, report, and recommendations 

Administrative Support

  • Program administrator

  • Practice administrator

Program Pilot

  • Implementation and management
  • On-going performance monitoring and reporting
  • Operational knowledge, advice, and support
  • Practice management support

Expert Partners

  • Marketing
  • HR
  • Law
  • Finance

Download the factsheet

Setting up a squat

Download our Setting Up a Squat factsheet (a print-ready version of this page) for further reference.

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