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Program overview

Establish your ideal practice faster and MORE efficiently by accelerating growth, success and opportunity with data-driven, smarter, faster decision-making using:


  1. Innovative technology and SAAS tools
  2. Tried and tested systems, procedures and protocols
  3. Knowledge, advice and support from experienced dentists, dental practice owners and senior exec-level corporate operators.

‘’Initially, I had reservations about the idea of being ‘managed’ by Collaborate. However, Derek’s clear explanations of the Goals, Processes, Procedures, and his innovative ideas for advancing the practice, have given me a sense of excitement and purpose’’

Joanne Leatherbarrow

Practice manager

Advanced Academy of Endodontics, Harley Street

Program benefits

Increase revenue, profitability/EBITDA, practice value, income wealth and job enjoyment/satisfaction.


Re-define your vision, ambition and goals

We’ll help you define your vision, ambitions, and goals so we can identify objectives, a strategy plan of action and a timeframe to achieve them.


Facilitate clinical excellence

Provision of high-quality treatment and care to increase patient satisfaction, trust, loyalty, and demand.


Attract and retain high-quality staff

Build a team that shares your vision, provides clinical excellence, achieves patient satisfaction, maximises productivity and creates a happy rewarding work environment.


Save time, money and effort

Tried and tested solutions that increase operating efficiency, increase revenues and profitability, create opportunity, and save time, cost, and effort.


Attract and retain high-value patients

Acquisition and retention of high-value patients increases revenue, profitability/EBITDA, secures financial stability, and drives practice growth.


Generate wealth and financial security

Build a business that is robust, valuable and saleable to generate personal wealth and financial security ultimately.

Download the factsheet

Growing a Practice

Download our Growing a Practice factsheet (a print-ready version of this page) for further reference.

Program deliverables

No other support program comprises the breadth and depth of expert knowledge, advice, tools and solutions to fix issues, address key challenges, overcome obstacles.

1. Define vision, ambition & goals

Know where you’re heading and why

2. Practice health check

Assessment of your business’ performance and wellbeing.

3. Member Action Plan

Guides decisions, aligns efforts, promotes growth, and ensures long-term success.

4. Financial forecasting and budgeting

Mitigates risks, ensures financial stability, guides decisions, and facilitates strategic planning

5. Performance monitoring (KPI Dashboard)

Identifies strengths and weaknesses, informs decisions, and ensures ongoing improvement.

6. Weekly performance reviews

Analyse and evaluate day-to-day progress, providing intel to drive quick fixes/easy wins.

7. Quarterly performance reviews

Evaluates progress, adapts strategies, enhances decision-making, fosters continuous improvement.

8. Financial reporting (P&L)

Evaluates profitability, guides decisions, informs strategy, ensures financial health.

9. Regulatory compliance & dummy CQC inspection

Avoids penalties, ensures patient safety, maintains trust and legal adherence.

10. Marketing audit

Evaluate the effectiveness of current marketing activity in achieving business objectives.

11. Growth acceleration marketing strategy (outline)

Guides efforts, attracts customers, ensures brand consistency, and fosters growth

12. Acceleration project management

Organises tasks, ensures efficiency, meets goals, minimises risks, fosters collaboration.

Program tools

As well as expert advice and support, we’ve developed a suite of proprietary, bespoke, and specially adapted dental practice systems, procedures, protocols and SAAS tools that are easily adapted, implemented, and managed to boost the performance of all practice types

Financial forecasting

Mitigates risks, ensures financial stability, guides decisions, and facilitates strategic planning. 

Based on a review of the previous 3 years’ P&L, income streams and productivity, and MAP (Member Action Plan) targets, we’ll identify potential revenue and cost control/reduction.      

Online compliance platform

Simplifies compliance, reduces risks, ensures accuracy, and promotes efficiency. 

Our cloud based CQC compliance tool provides templated policies, procedures, schedules of requirements, performance tracking tools, dummy CQC inspections and GAP analysis reports.

Project management

Enhances collaboration, streamlines tasks, improves efficiency and ensures project success. 

Our feature-rich, easy-to-use project management framework lists key ‘transformation’ activities, tasks, actions, timeframes and targets, and monitors progress.

Treatment profitability

Identifies your most profitable treatments and helps set treatment pricing to maximise profit. 

Identify which treatment is most profitable and set prices that 1) best reflect treatment value, 2) what patients are prepared to pay, and 3) strategic implications for long-term growth.      

Marketing audit

Identifies strengths, weaknesses, and threats, enhances strategy, and ensures marketing effectiveness. 

Audit including SWOT analysis of current marketing that compares against industry-standard practice marketing benchmarks/KPIs for patient acquisition, retention, and value maximisation.

Performance roadmap

Guides growth, sets goals, optimises performance, and ensures strategic alignment. 

Online operations and a performance roadmap provide a bird’ s-eye view of the key business changes, ensuring we are on target for success.

Practice health check

Assessment of your business’ performance and wellbeing. 

Using our KPI dashboard, we’ll compare your KPIs against industry standards for three to six months, during which our experts analyse, interpret, and evaluate the data.      

Member action plan

Guides decisions, align efforts, promotes growth, and ensures long-term success. 

KPIs are benchmarked against industry standards, and required actions to improve performance are prioritised by our RICE matrix, financial planning, and treatment profitability reports.

KPI dashboard

Identifies strengths and weaknesses, informs decisions, ensures ongoing improvement. 

Feature-rich cloud-based dashboard that collates more in-depth KPIs than any system from various data sources, which are then analysed, interpreted, and evaluated by our experts, driving faster, smarter decision-making.

Tactical modules

Integrated into your Growth Acceleration Program are additional stand-alone ‘Tactical Modules’ that optimise crucial business functions essential to growth and success:

Expert Support

Your Growth Acceleration Team

Join the Growth Acceleration Program and expand your team with a program director, program pilot, or program administrator, with support from preferred specialist service providers.

Program Director

  • Research, strategy, and planning 
  • Knowledge-share, advice, and support
  • Program direction  
  • Monthly performance review, report, and recommendations 

Administrative Support

  • Program administrator

  • Practice administrator

Program Pilot

  • Implementation and management
  • On-going performance monitoring and reporting
  • Operational knowledge, advice, and support
  • Practice management support

Expert Partners

  • Marketing
  • HR
  • Law
  • Finance

Download the factsheet

Growing a Practice

Download our Growing a Practice factsheet (a print-ready version of this page) for further reference.

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