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How in-depth analytics help dentists achieve long-term goals. 

Article in Dental Economics Magazine (United States) July 21, 2023 

Dr Joshua Austin talks with Dr Alon Preiskel, a prosthodontist and businessman who says using in-depth analytics empowers dental practices to reach their goals and ultimately provide better patient care. 

The article delves into how in-depth analytics can empower dental practices to achieve long-term goals and enhance patient care. Dr Alon Preiskel, a prosthodontist and businessman, shares insights into the importance of analytics in dentistry and the founding of Collaborate Dental Group, a company specialising in practice data analysis. 

Dr Preiskel explains that many issues in dentistry stem from individualised work and competition among practitioners, leading to career plateaus due to resource constraints. Collaborate Dental aims to provide dentists with the resources and support akin to those in large organisations while maintaining individual autonomy. 

Collaborate Dental, initially focused on partnership and joint venture models, has demonstrated its adaptability and commitment to improving member practices by shifting its focus to providing systematic in-depth analytics. These analytics not only help practices define long-term goals but also chart pathways to achieve them, offering support along the journey. 

One surprising finding from analysing practice data is the lack of correlation between a principal’s understanding of financial numbers and a practice’s economic performance. Additionally, dysfunctional relationships within dental teams underscore the importance of effective communication for practice success. 

Dr Preiskel, as a testament to the benefits of analytics in dentistry, has made specific changes in his own practice. These include improving communication with patients, which has led to better patient satisfaction, and understanding the financial viability of different treatments, which has resulted in more informed financial decisions. 

In summary, the article emphasises the transformative potential of in-depth analytics in dentistry, enabling practices to overcome challenges, enhance performance, and deliver better patient care. Readers interested in learning more about Collaborate Dental can visit their website or contact them via email. 

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