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95th Annual Meeting of the American Prosthodontics Society 

Collaborate’s Alon Preiskel reflects on a hugely successful 95th Annual Meeting of the American Prosthodontics Society in Chicago as President of the Society.

The American Prosthodontics Society is one of the oldest prosthodontic societies in the world, and I am very proud to have been its President.

The event, which was held on the 22nd and 23rd of February at the Swissotel in Chicago was attended by over 440 delegates from all over the world including some of the biggest names in Prosthodontics in Europe and the USA including Danny Buser ITI past president and John Kois of the Kois Institute.

The theme of this year’s event was ‘A New Era in Prosthodontics’ where we explored cutting edge technology and techniques along with historical perspective from some of the most experienced clinicians in implants and prosthodontics.  

This year we hosted 13 speakers including:

John Kois – One of USA’s biggest Prosthodontics educators and founder of the Kois Centre comparing traditional occlusal techniques with using a totally digital workflow.

Daniel Buser – One of Europe’s leading implant surgeons and academics looking at risk factors that contribute to long term dental implant success. 

Inaki Gamborena – Pioneer of immediate loading in Spain talking about soft and hard tissue augmentation around immediately placed and loaded implants.

Marcus Blatz – Key researcher in dental ceramics talking about minimal invasive ceramic restorations.

They were joined by other well-known speakers in prosthodontics as well as some younger speakers exploring new technologies including digital dentures, digital occlusion, new developments in CAD/CAM technology, the very latest in ceramic restorations, digital dentures, fully digital workflows for prosthodontic rehabilitation and of course what everyone’s talking about right now – AI. 

This years awards included the APS Golden Medalion award to Dr John Kois for his outstanding contribution to prosthodontic treatment and education. The APS Rudd Award to Mr Nondas Vlachopoulos (technician) for his extraordinary dedication to precision and aesthetics in dental technology.

The event also saw the signing a memorandum of understanding with Ecuadorian Prosthodontic Society continuing our international reach.

Delegates also enjoyed the Foundation Reception including a speech from Todd Fridrich the APS first technologist president and myself that acknowledged the achievements we have made in recent years including APS away days in Mexico, Argentina and Ecuador as well as our webinars and increased membership.

In conclusion, the future fundamental principles of prosthodontics still apply in the digital world however we must put all new tools through stringent tests and apply relevant quality control to ensure accuracy, consistency and success.  

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